Apple chooses Cambridge company as a 'rising European gaming star'

Cambridge software company Virtual Arts has today been selected by Apple as one of its five 'rising European gaming stars'.

The company, which focuses on mobile Augmented and Virtual Reality, is one of the European studios Apple believes is making some of the most interesting new games on the App Store. According to Apple, Virtual Arts' debut game, Lightstream Racer (see images below), is "really clever - it generates a futuristic racing track around you in AR. From there, you race - staying steady on the throttle while spinning yourself around to keep track of the action."

Virtual Arts, based at St John's Innovation Centre, was founded in September 2016 and boasts impressive credentials - its growing development team includes former ARM, Sony and Disney talent.  And it has several new projects in the pipeline. CEO and co-founder Nizar Romdan says: "We have three AR projects in early stage development: an AR app based on a witch, an edutainment AR app and a local multiplayer shooter AR game."

Virtual Arts is building a leading state of the art virtual, augmented and mixed reality interactive content and technology company in Cambridge, UK